Our mission is to produce rigorous journalism that explains complex issues, holds the government accountable to the public, and engages Vermonters in the democratic process.


What sets us apart

Trusted Community Connection

Our dedication to reader tips has led us to some of the most impactful investigations we’ve published. We strive to treat Vermonters with respect and respond to every inquiry and request individually. To this day, about one-third of our news stories start with a tip.

Talented Journalists

VTDigger employs top-quality reporters and editors in our newsroom, which is the largest in the state. Our editors are passionate about mentoring the next generation of emerging journalists, and our reporters are known for their persistence and high ethical standards.

Independent Voice

VTDigger reports without fear or favor. As a nonprofit with a strong membership base, we don’t have to answer to shareholders or a wealthy few. Nothing is more important than maintaining our editorial independence.

Greatest Statewide Reach

An average of 676,110 monthly readers rely on VTDigger for news and information. Approximately 60% of our readers are Vermont residents in a state with a total population of only 625,000.

Original Reporting

In the age of aggregation and AI, VTDigger is doing something that is increasingly rare. Every day, our journalists are out in the field and poring through boxes of public records to bring Vermonters in-depth, original reporting on issues of importance.

Digital First

Founder Anne Galloway started VTDigger as a news organization from the very beginning, with freelance stories, press releases and commentary in 2011. The flexibility of our digital platform enables us to constantly grow with our readers and dedicate maximum resources to what matters most: our mission of public service journalism.

We provide a vital service to more people across a broader spectrum than ever before.

“VTDigger is a beacon shining light in the dark corners of corruption, perfidy, and Plutocratic evildoing. If anything is going to save our democracy and preserve the critical twin principles of freedom and equality for our citizens, it is the courageous local and regional members of the Fourth Estate who are stepping in to fill critical voids.”

Ed and Barbara Morrow

Our Audience

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Source: 2021 Quantcast, blubrry, Mailchimp, Google Analytics
Photo credits: Staff photographer, Glenn Russell

VTDigger’s dogged coverage of politics and corruption in Vermont has attracted strong readership and a mix of donations, grants, and sponsorships from local businesses.

“Digital news outlets are in for a reckoning” The Economist, Nov. 30, 2017

Awards and Recognition

The New York Times

Commended for building strong social trust which has helped Vermont meet the unprecedented challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic with relative success.

The New England Newspaper and Press Association

Eleven top honors in the annual New England Better Newspaper Competition, including first place for General Excellence, Digital Strategy Excellence, Local Election Coverage and Multimedia Coverage for News Services and Online News Sites.

Institute for Nonprofit News

Featured a case study about how VTDigger launched sponsored virtual events and grew revenue by more than 10% in 2020, a particularly important triumph in the face of the pandemic and financial uncertainty.

The Boston Globe

Mark Shanahan wrote a feature about VTDigger as a model news organization for the front page of the Boston Globe.

LION Publishers

Four national journalism awards, including Best Coronavirus Coverage.

Senator Patrick Leahy

Honored VTDigger in the nation’s Congressional Record for our outstanding Covid coverage.

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